These are websites I frequently visit or otherwise highly recommend.


| Adobe.com |
Adobe's official website. Offers free 30-day trials for many of the company's products.

| deviantART |
A massive art community that allows users to upload artwork, follow their favorite artists on the site, and bookmark favorite pieces for easy access.

The art gallery of C. Lijewski, the manga-ka of NEXT EXIT and RE:PLAY.

| Jo's Playground |
The website of Jo Chen, an illustrator who has worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics, video games, and her own graphic novel series, The Other Side of the Mirror.

The art gallery of K.J. Sturgeon, the illustrator of Pie-IX.

| Paul Madonna Studio |
The online home of Paul Madonna hosts his creative and beautiful strips, including All Over Coffee and Small Potatoes.

| Yukari Ohba |
This costume designer has created elaborate outfits for musicals, dolls, weddings, and musicians, most notably the Japanese artists Malice Mizer, D'espairsRay, Daigo Stardust, and Kana. Many of her designs can be viewed on the website.


| Jones & Bennett |
The official website for Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett, the authors of Havemercy and Shadow Magic.

| Pie-IX.com |
The official website for Pie-IX, by Jaida Jones and K.J. Sturgeon.


| Gunnerkrigg Court |
Webcomic by Tom Siddell. Quirky, riveting, mysterious, occasionally hilarious, and always terrifically good. Features various mythologies, medieval folklore, and laser cows. Updates thrice a week.

| Mokepon |
Pokemon webcomic by H0lyhandgrenade. The story of a fourteen-year-old chain smoker whose mother kicks him out of the house so that he might go on adventures and learn about friendship. A riot on every page and lots of fun for those who have played the games in the franchise.


| Final Fantasy VII Web Novels |
English translations for Final Fantasy VII literature. The site also hosts other rare information about the compilation.

| GameFAQs |
When it doubt, cheat. The website may not be as pretty as strategy guides, but it's easier to navigate (Command + F!) and hosts guides from multiple users, which helps in clearing up mistakes or confusing language.

| Loveless |
A shrine to Tifa Lockhart from Square Enix's 1997 RPG Final Fantasy VII. It is so in-depth and provides not only information about Tifa but also obscure background information on the game that must have required loads of investigation.

| poupéegirl |
A fashion website for girls. Upload pictures of your wardrobe to earn ribbons, which can be used to buy clothing and accessories for your virtual doll. Out of all the dress-up sites I've dabbled on, this one is the most addicting.

| Nanaca Crash |
My record is around 3000 m. Be sure to click for combos!

| SQUARE ENIX Global |
Square Enix's global website. It hosts websites for many of the company's games and offers downloads, trailers, and trivia.


| shitmydadsays on Twitter |
Justin lives with his 73-year-old father. His father says things that are hilarious. Justin posts them on his Twitter.


| Rabbitprint |
The writings of Luc Court, one of my favorite writers. His style is awe-inspiring with its language and detail and structure and guh. Lots of fan fiction and a few original pieces.

| Shoebox Project in PDF |
A Harry Potter fan fiction of epic proportions by Jaida Jones and rave. Heart-warming and hilarious and, at times, tragic, this 26-part Marauder story is the reason I began reading Harry Potter. Also the first thing I ever read from Jaida, and she only got better from there.


| CDJapan |
A huge online store that sells Japanese music, DVDs, apparel, and more. It's one of the best to buy J-rock albums and Japanese punk labels that are seldom distributed elsewhere. They also have frequent sales and coupons.


| CWTV.com |
The official web site for the television station, the CW. It has plenty of extras for the network's shows, including downloads, games, interviews, photo galleries, and polls.